Optimizing the supply chain of an automotive supplier

Mandated by a British OEM we were confronted with the consolidation of two factories to one and the realignment of the supply chain of their important supplier. The situation was already intense and escalation procedures applied also by other customers. The OEM had already been consistently involved on site.

The improvement programme we developed included the entire relocation of all product, processes and equipment from the production site to be closed. This required a new factory layout as well as the reorganisation of the workflow.

At the same time, we had to keep up progress in new product launches (SOP) with confirmed delivery dates as well as continuous improvement of the product quality in order to reach the OEM quality levels required.

First priority was the improvement of the entire technical infrastructure then followed by appropriate commercial transparency. The relocation was completed, a new factory organisation developed, and productivity substantially raised. The company continued to focus on raising quality levels and production and delivery management.