Return on Consulting

Project procedure

Our projects follow normally a defined project procedure:

Main phaseImplementation/anchoringMain phaseConcept/detailingPreliminary phaseTransparency/plan

In the preliminary phase, which lasts 2 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of enterprise, our analysis is defined specific to the situation, clearly structured and systematically processed - quickly, accurately and with the necessary depth. With the help of our experience and proven methodical expertise we manage to avoid information overload, and instead bring clear focus on the important facts. We generally build on existing information and data. Already in this phase we define measurable performance targets to be achieved on a full-year effect basis. Similarly, the project organisation, the project schedule and the necessary resources are determined.

The detailed elaboration of the necessary concepts and plans are carried out jointly with the customer in the main phase, always with an eye for the essential, the benefits and feasibility. In doing so, we take a holistic approach to the company and thus ensure the sustainability of results. The consistent implementation always takes centre stage.

If necessary, and in accordance with the customer, we may assume for a limited period (temporarily) responsibility for individual functions, business units or the entire company management. This can be of great importance in restructuring cases in particular. Through the close cooperation between ADMETAM Partner and Consultant we can work in small project teams on site. 


Consulting services are an investment in the future of a company. When a Client recognises the entrepreneurial need for action, they are willing to invest in the support of external consultants in order to achieve rapid improvement in earnings, to accelerate implementation processes or to secure adequate skills short-term. As entrepreneurs, the Partners and Consultants at ADMETAM recognise that this requires an appropriate return on investment. Our legacy after a project is not a strategy paper for filing, but a tangible benefit for the customer, measurable in income statement / balance sheet and cash flow. Typically, the payback period of our projects, this means project results relative to the project fee, is under 6 months.

We also welcome to be measured against the agreed targets, this means our fees can also be made variable at the request of customers. This makes us entrepreneurs with all opportunities and risks.