Restructuring & realignment

ADMETAM Business Consultants are recognized specialists for restructuring and re-alignment of companies in good (prevention) as well as bad times (intensive care), and in the event of insolvency, we can also help to exit this phase.

Restructuring generally requires a holistic understanding of the company. This includes the entire, number-based initial situation reflected in the balance sheet, P & L and cash flow, strategy and market, operational processes and structural characteristics. Our significant expertise in successful restructuring leads us to the clear conclusion that a sustainable restructuring can only be achieved based on market driven planning-product portfolio and market position optimisation. We attach great importance to an often inevitable capacity adaptation, aligned to this market reality, which must be transparent and comprehensible for all participants. 

Through rigorous assessment, clear systematics and strict implementation management, we have a strong track record of delivering the necessary realignment of the company. Part of our embedded and goal driven approach, means that we develop holistic restructuring concepts in accordance with “IDW standards”, for example, to secure funding. In more critical cases, i.e. representing shareholders or financial institutions, we can also formally become members of Boards of Management and guide companies during crises, and lead them through the restructuring and financing process.