Restructuring: transformation of a footwear producer in Eastern Europe

In the second half of 2015, we began to launch the holistic restructuring and reorientation of a foot-wear manufacturer in Eastern Europe focused on development. The company concentrates on sport, comfortable street shoes and leisure footwear. Innovation, technological expertise and quality are part of the DNA.

The high complexity of the product range, product development and production, combined with inadequate market orientation, led to high inefficiencies as well as financial difficulties. Based on a business audit performed by ADMETAM, the management and owners decided to initiate a holistic transformation of the company from top to bottom. The core elements consist in realising an appropriate production network, adjusting all capacities to the future business model, cost reductions in procurement and administration as well as the optimisation of the company’s own retail operations. In addition, skills are honed in the field of developing collections and product calculations, including follow-up adjustments. Within the scope of the strategic reorientation, we implement a market-oriented reorganisation, focusing on internationalisation and customer relationship management. The drive to acquire new customers, in combination with an adequate presence at trade fairs, has already been launched.